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Spine Surgery


Cervical disc prosthesis, sterile and pre-assembled on disposable inserter. GRANVIA®-C is a new generation ceramic cervical disc, fully MRI compatible, respecting all the differentiated centers of rotation.

  • Unconstrained prosthesis with 6 degrees of freedom
  • Mobile core with shock absorber
    Prevention of migration for secure anchorage
  • Anatomical Design of the endplates advanced Mechanics of High-Tech Ceramic High wear resistance of mobile surfaces
  • High biocompatibility of inert material
    Excellent Osseointegration of the endplates

Sterile PEEK Optima® Cervical Interbody Device, prefilled with bone substitute and preassembled on disposable holder.


Enhanced stability: the anatomical dome design with a central wall of IMPIX® C+ cervical cage provides an excellent stability especially in rotation and offers an efficient fusion solution


Optimum fusion: thanks to a large contact surface between the bone substitute and vertebral plates


Operative time saving: no need for iliac graft swab


"No touch" technique: sterile cage, preassembled on holder, ready to insert.


  • 2 windows pre-filled with bone substitute
  • Anti-back out ridging and lower pins to prevent the risk of cage migration or rotation
  • Anatomical design to maintain disc height and restore lordosis
  • 3 radiographic tantalum markers to control the cage position.


  • PEEK Optima®: radiolucence, bonelike elasticity, biocompatibility
  • Bone substitute: Tricalcium phosphate

Complete range:
  • 2 sizes: 12.5x14mm 14.5x16mm
  • Heights: 4 to 10mm.

  • Sterile prefilled implants
  • Preassembled on disposable holder with a color-code referring to the implant size.

C-JAWS® is a unique anterior cervical spinal fixation system offering to the surgeon the capability to secure the position of the cage and apply compression to stimulate and accelerate bone fusion.


Ideal stabilization of the interbody implant thanks to compression applied to the staple.


Reduced operative time by up to 90% compared to cervical plate


Ease of use: a unique instrument allow to perform insertion, impaction, and implant compression, after bone preparation


Optimum fusion: thanks to the compression of the graft


Minimally invasive technique compared to cervical plates.


  • Low Profile implant : thickness 1.5 mm
  • Mini-invasive approach



  • Pure Titanium


Complete range:

  • 2 Heights:15 & 20mm
  • 3 Lengths: 12,14,17mm



  • Sterile delivered implant

PediGuard has assisted orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons all over the world in close to 20,000 surgeries
pediguard classic

PediGuard is the first and only handheld, wireless device that
can detect possible vertebral cortex perforation during pedicle preparation for screw placement.

PediGuard can alert the surgeon prior to a breach by accurately analyzing the electrical conductivity of the surrounding tissues in real time.


  • Hear and feel what you cannot see
  • Be reassured your trajectory is sound
  • Anticipate possible breaches of the pedicular wall or vertebral body
  • Redirect with complete confidence

pediguard curved

The Curved PediGuard offers the following benefits:


  • A tapered tip to ease penetration through the pedicle and removal from the pedicle when drilling is complete.
  • A sense of directionality. As surgeons become comfortable with the direction of the curve, we anticipate enhanced awareness of the location of a possible breach for proper redirection.


Surgeons who prefer a curved gearshift will appreciate the tactile feel of the Curved PediGuard.


pediguard cannulated

Device that integrates the PediGuard technology in a cannulated design.


Like the Classic and Curved PediGuard, the Cannulated PediGuard facilitates pilot hole preparation for accurate screw placement.


Featuring a detachable electronic handle and cannulated shaft, the Cannulated PediGuard provides you with real-time feedback for smart navigation of the pedicle while significantly reducing the need for intraoperative fluoroscopy.


The result is continuous real-time navigation in a simple, handheld device. Simplicity at your fingertips.