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Elbow/Hand/Wrist Surgery

Trapezometacarpal Interposition Implant

pyrocarbon for the trapeziometacarpal joint. It's compact size (thickness of 1mm) allows for a very simple and minimally invasive surgical procedure.
The Pyrocardan® is available in 7 sizes, defined by the biggest length of the implant, stated in millimetres and spread from 12(XXS) to 18(XXL).

Carpo Metacarpal Implant

The pyrocarbon carpo-metacarpal implant (CMI) is a resurfacing implant for the base of the 1st metacarpal bone which makes possible minimal resection for optimal preservation of the trapezium.

Anatomical varus of 15°

  • Anterior offset of head from the stem.
  • Ovoid stem to prevent rotation.
  • Space-filling short stem to prevent migration of the implant.
  • Installation of implant by impaction without cement

Scaphoid Trapezium Pyrocarbon Implant

Single interposition pyrocarbon implant for isolated scaphotrapeziotrapezoid osteoarthritis. The STPI avoids STT arthrodesis and scaphoid instability in the case of simple resection of distal scaphoid


Available in 2 sizes:

  • Small: 14 mm in diameter- 3.7 mm thick

Pyrocarbon Interposition Implant

The PI² trapezium implant is a mobile interposition implant.
It allows restoration of trapeziometacarpal (TMC) articular surface between the metacarpal bone and the implant thereby ensuring long term preservation of the

height of the column of the thumb.

PI² is available in 2 sizes:

  • Small: 13 mm in diameter - 9 mm thick
  • Medium: 15 mm in diameter - 9 mm thick

Adaptative Proximal Scaphoid Implant

Unique alternative to arthrodesis in cases of pseudarthrosis of proximal scaphoid

Mobility of the scaphoid is essential for the natural movement of the wrist.
Its spatial footprint is variable with the changing inclination angle of the radio-ulnar and with flexion-extension. APSI is a pyrocarbon implant whose form adapts during in these

movements. It restores the variable geometry of the carpus and cohesion of the 1st row.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Small: 16 mm length / 8 mm height
  • Medium: 17 mm length / 9.1 mm height
  • Large: 18 mm length / 10 mm height

Resurfacing Capitate Pyrocarbon Implant

The wrist implant RCPI allows resurfacing of the head of the capitate bone after resection of the 1st row. It ensures maintenance of joint mobility in cases of advanced osteoarthritis of the wrist.


Available in 2 sizes:

  • Medium: diameter 14 mm / height 20 mm.
  • Large: diameter 16 mm / height 22 mm.

Spacer for hemi-arthroplasty of ulnar head

The Eclypse™ is a "spacer" in pyrocarbon used to reconstruct the distal radio-ulnar joint with preservation of the ulnar styloid and the triangular ligament.


3 sizes are available:

  • Small: diameter 6 mm / 27 mm length
  • Medium: diameter 7.5 mm / 30 mm length
  • Large diameter 9 mm / 33 mm length

Modular Pyrocarbon Radial Head Prosthesis


The radial head prosthesis MoPyC arose from the original combination of biomechanical properties of pyrocarbon and the innovative design of its expansion shaft adapted for cases of elbow fractures or complicated revisions of the radial head.


Implant: The implant consists of a head, neck and stem.


- 3 head diameters: 18, 20 et 22 mm
- 3 heights, respectively: 9, 10 et 11 mm

Neck : 4 lengths of neck: 5, 6.5, 8 and 10 mm

Stem : 4 diameters and lengths of stems:

All these parameters can be selected in various combinations.

This allows for 48 possible combinations.

Free pyrocarbon wrist interposition

The AMANDYS is a free interposition implant designed to salvage severely damaged wrists. The Amandys remplaces the lunate, the proximal scaphoid (2/3) and the proximal capitate and thus restores de radial and midcarpal joint.


The Amandys has a quadri-ellipsoidal shape. Its most convex surface faces the radial glenoid. The less convex surface faces the midcarpal joint.

The implant's stability is driven by its specific design, extrinsic ligaments sparing and Pyrocarbon properties.

The Amandys is available in 8 sizes : Amandys width 24 mm - sizes S to XL Amandys width 26 mm - sizes S to XL